Quality Control



Plant & Machinery


The company is equipped with most modern plant and machinery as under:- (Most of the machines are being imported from abroad keeping in view,,’the qualitative and speedy production as well as the latest research and development).

1. EDM Wire Cut and Electric Discharge Machine.
2. Cylindrical Grinding\.{achine.
3. Auto Lath Machines
1. NibblingMachine.
5. Surface Grinder.
6. UniversalMillingMachine.
7 . Hydraulic Busbar Processing Machine
8. Hydraulic Punching Machines
9. CNC SheeringMachine
10. CNCPressbrake
1 i. Hydraulici MechanicalPresses
12. HydraulicNotching Press

Apart from that the company has also in-house facilities lbrthe following:

1 . Electro plating plant fol silver. tin and zinc plating
2. Zinc coating and hot dip galvanizing
3. Powder i Stove /Air dried painting
4. Acid cleaning & deburring metals


Testing & Quality Assurance Facilities


The company is also equipped with numerous testing quality assurance equipment in order to verify and test the various international and customer provided standards like lES, BS, WAPDA, KESC, POF, MES, PAEC, PWD. NESPAK etc.etc.

In addition to the above to ensure the quality and design capability, the company has once received the international quality Assurance Certificate of ISO 9001:1994 from TUV Rhineland Germany. For quality assurance of its products the company has the facility of highly accurate tools and equipment as under:

1. High Voltage lnsulation Tester
2. High /Medium / Low Primary Current Injection Set
3. Secondary Current Injection Set
4. Contact Make/Break Testing Set
5. Auxiliary Insulation Test Set
6. Contact Resistance Check Meter
7 . Phase Sequence Check Meter
8. Copper Conductivity Check Meter
9. Paint Thickness Check Meter
1 0. Temperature Rise Testing Bench
I l. Air Velocity Measurement Tester
I2. Meggers/Mulimeters/Avometers/Techo/Anovometer